Established since 1986, Persatuan Kebajikan Ci Hang-Chempaka Selangor is a registered welfare organization providing services to the poor, abandoned, aged, physically challenged individuals, and those who are being put the most unfortunate living situations. In line with our mission to serve, we had carried out a series of welfare initiatives such as;


Rumah Bakti Ci Hang
Rumah Bakti Ci Hang, one of our flagship initiatives, is a home shelter designed for the abandoned old folks, that provides quality food, accomodation and health care services to our valued residents. Their lives are further enriched by the many activities organized such as trips to various recreation spots nationwide. Recreational trips are usually organized twice a year. Besides that, our elderly residents are also being facilitated to visit functions organized by various relevant Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and corporate bodies.

Ci Hang Chempaka Physiotherapy & Stroke Rehabilitation Centre
The Ci Hang Chempaka Physiotherapy & Stroke Rehabilitation Centre which is located at Rumah Bakti Ci Hang, provides free treatments to the deserving patients. Many patients have been benefited from this service eversince. Most of them had recovered from their disabilities and returned to their ordinary life, back to their happy family and thus, into the society in general.

Financial Assistance to the Poor
Financial Assistance to the Poor Individuals and Families are being provided to the qualified poor individuals or families. The financial assistance are being provided in the forms of monthly grants, provision of food and sundries.

Free Tuition Classes
Our Tuition Centre, also located at the Rumah Bakti Ci Hang , provides free tuition classes to selected poor students, enabling them to progress through their educational process and self-development for a better future. Due to encouraging results from this initiative, we are implementing additional classes to cater more students at Rumah Bakti Ci Hang. Furthermore, this free tuition project is also being extended to schools in other areas within the Selangor state.

Rumah Bakti Ci Hang's Facilities
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