In the areas of welfare services, the Association provides the following assistance:-
Poor Individuals and families : Monthly financial grants and provision of food and sundries.
Poor Students : Qualified students received miscellaneous fees, bus fares and canteen coupons for food from the Association. Tuition classes are also organized for poor students to raise their level of education and self-development. These classes are dedicated to poor students with the desire to improve themselves but unable to pay for tuitions due to financial constraints of their parents. Teachers chosen to teach in these classes must also be committed to help the students. Each class holds no more than 20 students per session. Currently, 4 schools are participating in this project.

Physically Challenged Individuals : Wheel Chairs, prosthetic limbs and walking apparatus are provided to qualified individuals.

Stroke Patients : Free physiotherapy treatments & stroke rehabilitation therapies are provided to stroke patients at Ci Hang-Chempaka Physiotherapy and Stroke Rehabilitation Centre located at Rumah Bakti Ci Hang. The association engaged a qualified physiotherapist and an assistant to provide the therapies. The centre is equipped with physiotherapy equipments that are worth more than RM300,000.00.
All treatments are free of charge.

Practical Training for Students : The association provides training on “Interaction and Communication with Old Folks” courses. Many students from primary and secondary schools as well as educational centers have participated in the one day course. The courses cover : Common Illness, Sicknesses and Diseases of old folks, Elderly Wellbeing Awareness and Behavioral Changes of Old folks. The courses are normally held at the end of the school terms. Formal application from the schools must be made to the association.
Abandoned Aged : Free food and shelter are provided at Rumah Bakti Ci Hang. The old folks are also given proper health care. Many activities, in door and outdoor, are contiuneously organised through the years to enrich their lives.
Located at Lot 3794, Lorong 3D, Kampong Subang, 40100 Shah Alam, Selangor, Rumah Bakti Ci Hang comprises of Meeting room, visitor reception area, public toilet, a clinic cum Physiotherapy & Stroke Rehabilitation Centre, 5 dormitories for the old folks, staff quarters and a large well-equipped kitchen.